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keith and derek brewer - male super models

Ever wondered how to get a model? Here you will find all necessary information. For the complete story, please download the file: model.pdf    (you will need Acrobat Reader)


Modeling offers great opportunities that most people may never experience. One of the biggest and best things is the chance to travel all over the world (we've been to France, South Africa, Germany, NY, England, etc).
Don't forget to bring your surf and snow boards because there is plenty of sand and snow across seas.

Also, there is the chance to meet new and exciting people (we met Elle McPhearson, Cindy Crawford, Charlie Sheen..).


The best thing to do is get some Polaroids or an inexpensive photographer to shoot you. A basic head shot and some of your body will be fine. There isn't really a need to do a full shoot because most likely the agency may have some specific things they would like to see you in.
The lesson to be learned is that there are just as many photographers that need models in their book, as there are models who need them.
And not everybody is so lucky, to run into Marko Realmonte: He was very kind to us and didn't charge us that much. Not to mention, he has taken the best pictures of us throughout our careers.
You'll find his work on


If at all possible, don't make modeling your life. Get involved with other things because you will want to be ready for your next career when the industry says your time is up.


We've found a couple of good books, one is from the Wilhelmina Agency, which was our agency for a very long time.

These links will bring you right to the recommended books. Both of them have a lot of great information for people starting out.

[Wilhelmina Guide to Modeling]

[Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a Model]

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