Male Twin Models: BrewerTwins
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keith and derek brewer - male super models

Of course, surfing is more than a hobby for us, its a passion. We wake up at 6:30 every morning to check the waves. Weve been surfers since the age of ten.

We also love to travel, and so when we go on vacation its always to surf. We spent a month in Tahiti and weve been to the north shore of Hawaii numerous times. We also make a lot of road trips down to Mexico (surf and eat lobster) since it is only three hours away and the beaches are not crowded.


Another one of our passions in life is snowboarding. We both started about four years ago. We can still remember that painful day that it all started. It was spring time and the snow was icy and hard as a brick. We would get going about five feet and Wham! The outside edge would catch sending us flying head-first into the snow. We were both so sore that we rested for the whole next day.

Just like in surfing, modeling has allowed us to pack our snowboards during various excursions.


We go to the gym 4-6 times a week depending on the surf. We do both weight training and aerobics.

You will get some valuable workout tips within the member section.

Of course also the diet is a very important part of our lifestyles. You will find our tips in the members area, soon.


We did very well in college. We graduated from California State University Dominguez Hills with degrees in Business (finance). Keith's overall college GPA was 3.62 -- Magna Cum Laude and Derek's was 3.57.

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