Male Twin Models: BrewerTwins
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keith and derek brewer - male super models

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What type of music do you listen to?
We both have pretty much the same tastes in music. When we are getting ready to surf, snow board, or do another active sport we listen to groups like Pennywise, Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park or Jack Johnson. Other types of music we like to listen to are: Rap and Reggae.


What is your favorite food?
Derek: Healthy Mexican
Keith: Sushi


Who was born first?
Derek was born 15 minutes before Keith.


Do you have any brothers or sisters?
We are the only children. Our parents said that "double trouble was enough."


How are you different?
Some differences come with our looks:
We have different smiles. Derek usually has a little bit bigger smile, where you can see his double tooth (two teeth grew together). Keith's are normal. Our noses are slightly different: Derek's is a little rounder, more of a button nose compared to Keith's. Our abdominal muscles are different in that Keith's are more symmetrical and Derek's are all over the place. Also, Keith has a little scar (from surfing) on his left eyelid.

Other differences:
Derek is single, Keith is married. Keith is more talkative, Derek more aggressive, (and has more of a watch out!) Keith is more particular about details (so if you have to go anywhere make sure you have plenty of time).


What is your surfing background?
We basically grew up on the beach. Our dad took us in the ocean on boogie boards for the first time at the age of 5. When we were 11 we got our first surfboard, a Konoa, which we shared for about a year. The following year we got our own boards. We started surfing amateur contests at the age of 14. We did pretty well, even winning a few: We have surfed against many of the top pros (Taylor Knox, Rob Machado, Greg Browning, Keith Malloy, etc).


Where is your favorite surf spot?
Keith: I liked this right hander on one of Tahiti's surrounding islands. The reef was dangerous, but offered some of the best tubes of my life.
Derek: I would have to say Jeffrey's Bay in South Africa. We were there in the off season, in October. We got waves up to 3 ft. Overhead with about 10 guys out on the whole point. We could barely believe it. You could get a good barrel and about 4-6 turns on every wave.


What is your favorite movie?
Keith: Old School. And everything with De Niro. De Niro can play so many different roles very well.
Derek: Pirates of the Carribean (The Curse of the Black Pearl) - with Johnny Depp and directed by Gore Verbinski.


How did you get into modeling?
Keith was discovered on the pier when looking at the waves, by an acting manager and Keith mentioned he had a twin.


Where have you been to for modeling?
Domestic: New York, South Beach, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles.
International: Cape Town (South Africa). Paris (France). Barcelona, Madrid (Spain). Hamburg (Germany). Amsterdam (Netherlands).


What sports interest you (besides surfing)?
When we were young, we use to love to play baseball (Derek's favorite player was Pedro Guerroro for the Dodgers). We played in the AYSO soccer league and we also played basketball. (Keith's favorite player is M. Jordan) We never did get into a football league but we use to love to go to the school yard and play with our friends.


Any other questions?
Post them on our message board, or write an email. Please visit our 'get in touch' page.

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